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Plastic industry is one of the industries which imroves fast. In our time, injection molding parts are very important for our Daily lives.

Since 1969, we have manufacturing for automotive sector with metal and plastic parts. And also we manufactured plastic pulleys and plastic electrode boxes. Now we are in cooling parts sector with fan blades, expansion tanks and oil pans.

With being Poverplast family, we use our capacity of injection and sheet metal molding, blow molding, pressing and extrusion technologies for answering your wishes.

In our 3000m2 closed area, with moldig house, pressing, and manufacturing , we are conrolling parts from raw material to shipping.

Molding comprise with 2 steps. First one is CAD. We are designing tools with NX UNIGRAPHICS. The second step is CAM. Also we do CAM with NX UNIGRAPHICS.

In our manufacturing area, we have injection machines up to 8000 gr with computer analysis system.

We have various tonnage eccentric and hydrolic presses.

In our company we have“  ISO 9001:2000” Quality management certificate and “ISO 14001:2004” Envirronmental Management certificate.

Every member of Poverplast is qualified in their job and cares customer satisfaction. Also every member teaches learns and try to improve themself.

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